hey since your new messsenger was on I haven't chatted with AHYONE AT ALL! your new mesenger sucks !

why put something if no one chats back at you! ***, so happy i deleted that new yahoo! i'll find something better kill your new yahoo@! bring back the old YAHOO!

the new yahoo has to be the most worst peice of *** I've seen! its been 3 months not using yahoo! I am deleting my email soon, whats the point using a messenger that no one reply back at you! bye bye soon!

1 more month and I am done with all yahoo apps and emails!

be smart and go back to the old yahoo listen to all the people! Bring back the old yahoo Bring back the old yahoo Bring back the old yahoo Bring back the old yahoo Bring back the old yahoo Bring back the old yahoo

Product or Service Mentioned: Yahoo Messenger Desktop Application.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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these libs dont give a ***


Time to delete yahoo


Yahoo are down for the second consecutive night (first posted on 22/07/20). I’m beginning to think that they have suffered some sort of cyber attack . I put the above comment on another site, which has now disappeared, even though I saved the page to my book marks (I just get redirected).


I can literally picture many of you guys pounding your fist in anger as you type in your gripe lol. Yahoo is here to stay just like ESPN and HuffPost. You do know that you still can comment on HuffPost & It’s more civil than yahoo comments.


Yahoo sucks, you decide what we post, that is wrong...who do you think you are anyway....I hate you and your *** blogs


Had YAHOO for 10 years and was happy and never used it since the new yahoo came in. I lost all my friends from all over the world now where do i go Len

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